Generate income with your Horizon Home!

Why Airbnb? There is a great opportunity to generate an interesting income by renting out your Horizon Home. We have great packages for all budget to suits your needs.

Since the Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia and Airbnb have announced a partnership that will promote inclusive, sustainable tourism and empower Pacific Island communities.

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Airbnb Pacific Islands tropics Horizon Living

“Pacific Islanders are naturally amazing hosts, and we’re seeing the emergence of a new type of traveller who is looking for a different holiday experience – travellers that may have not considered the Pacific Islands before,” Mr Morris said. Through Airbnb, Pacific Island families will have an avenue to take advantage of these new travellers and generate extra income from a spare room or fale they may have. The system behind Airbnb for hosts is simple and accessible to many Pacific Islanders as you just need access to a mobile phone.”

Our basic Airbnb package

Add this Guest house / Airbnb package to extend your house and generate great income! For only NZD 33,995 +tax you can start a home rental business, right next to your family house.

Not sure on how to start? We offer to guide you through this process, read more here on how to Start a Airbnb home rental Business.

Airbnb offers flexibility. You can activate or deactivate your listing whenever you want.

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Earn Money

How to make an hosting Business Plan

How to Make Your Home Family-Friendly

How to Share your Space with Strangers

Welcoming a Guest

Making your Home Ready for Guests

Download our complete document on How to start an Airbnb with Horizon Living Homes in the Pacific Islands.