Technical information

Our Pacific Family Line of Villas are manufactured from the most durable and high quality materials in the industry. Sitting on an engineered and trust-worthy deep-screw pile foundation, the robust steel frame is lined inside and out with a magnesium oxide board achieving unprecedented strength, and the highest categories of wind resistance, anti-rot/anti insect infestation.

The materials chosen, assembly techniques and engineering we have invested into our Villas, bring many extraordinary benefits, including ease of installation and long term durability. This will provide home-owners and their families an incredibly strong, safe, and beautiful home to be proud of for many years, and even generations to come, into the future. 

Cyclone Rated

All structural & envelope materials used are Cyclone tested and rated.

Warranties and Guaranties

10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty + extended material guarantees.

Super durable

Moisture proof, insect proof and highly impact resistant.

Cost effective

Great savings by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Environment friendly

More environmentally friendly to produce.

Fire retardant

Non-combustible, zero flame and smoke spread.

Insect and termite proof

Inert, inedible, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Moisture and mould proof

Organic materials used good for your health and for the longevity of your home.

➞   Highly efficient Pile Foundation system can be drilled through almost any ground condition.
Installation using our specialised equipment will be included and supplied as part of the purchase of your home units (Installation Best Practice Guide provided)..

➞   Heavy Duty G550 Z275 0.95mm steel frame, engineered specifically for our Villas and the Pacific environment.
All wall, floor, roof and deck frames are delivered pre-assembled, ready for you to simply stand up and bolt together (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   High impact resistant and moisture repellent Magnesium (MgSo4) flooring, lining, and cladding. 
All boards come pre-cut and marked ready to simply be dropped into the corresponding slot and screwed in (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   A selection of roofing options to suit several budget types.
Standard Corrugated, TRS 5 trapezoidal section, or the stunning Synthetic Thatch for that traditional Island feel (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   Free draining and super durable Deck/Patio system, provides a beautiful easy-care finish for your outdoor living.
System comes partly assembled. Simple drop and lock install and glue fix of tiles to finish (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   Optional Joinery packages, doors and louvres. Designed specifically for our units and the Pacific Environment. With a selection of both economical and durable aluminium or the traditional feel of natural Rosewood and Cedar (if selected).
All come pre-assembled ready for installation (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   Optional Kitchen and Bathroom Fitout packages have been carefully designed and selected so you have the choice of budget and style. Functional and durable yet with a stunning finish sure to impress.   

All come pre-assembled ready for installation (Installation Best Practice Guide provided).

➞   Included in Pacific Family Line packages are all the screws fixings, adhesives and material you will require for installation according to our Installation Best Practice Guide.

Steel frame

PS1 – Engineering for Compliance NZ Building Code 3604

Magnesium (MgSo4) Board

MgSO4 is a non-nutrient to mould or fungus per ASTM G21, and does not support insect life. It provides superior moisture resistance in high-humidity areas and combats the growth of mould and mildew. In fact, it is completely waterproof.

Testing Standards Used: Core Construction System:

    • Zero disintegration when immersed in water.
    • A UL tested 2-hour fire resistant system
    • Surface Burning Characteristics (ASTM E84):
      • Flame spread – 0
      • Smoke developed – 0
    • ASTM C684 Standard Test Method for Making, Accelerated Curing, and Testing Concrete Compression Test Specimens
    • ASTM D5628 Standard Test Method for Impact Resistance of Flat, Rigid Plastic Specimens by Means of a Falling Dart (Tup or Falling Mass)
    • ASTM D6109 Standard Test Methods for Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Reinforced Plastic Lumber and Related Products
    • ASTM E84 Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials
    • ASTM E119 Standard Test Methods for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials
    • ASTM E662 Standard Test Method for Specific Optical Density of Smoke Generated by Solid Materials
    • ASTM G21 Standard Practice for Determining Resistance of Synthetic Polymeric Materials to Fungi

Synthetic Thatching (Roofing Option)

The product carries a 20-year warranty and a 50-year lifespan, it’s virtually maintenance free, 100% Waterproof (no sub roofing required), Certified UV protected, No Mould, No Insect, easy and fast installation, 100%  Recyclable.  Available in fire-retardant version, virtually identical to Natural Thatch.

Deck/Patio System

Rated Permeable. CMP Tile Anti Slip rating R11.
Compliance with NZBC:

Structure – B1: Silca System installed per manufacturers recommendations and technical specifications provides an acceptable level of structural integrity and meets the requirements NSBC Clause B1. Every run of product is tested to over 5 tonne deformation when spanned from each to edge under strict quality control procedures by an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.

Durability – B2: Silca System installed per manufacturers recommendations and technical specifications provides an acceptable level of durability of the product and meets the requirements of NZBC Clause B2. It is manufactured from 100% recycled Polycarbonate (PCABS) under strict quality control procedures by an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility.

Safety from falling – F4: Silca System installed per manufacturers recommendations and technical specifications provides an acceptable solid surface to Clause F4.2 in conjunction with Clauses B1 and B2.