When you go home - Take a home with you

This page is for RSE Workers.  We have partnered with several great organisations to be able to offer you a home, an income, and food for your family.  You could be the proud owner of a beautiful home that can be expanded over the years whilst on the RSE program.

We have seen first hand the amount of money that RSE workers pay for building materials, finding suitable home designs and the difficulties in sending products home. Here at Horizon Build, we have made a special product that is compatible with all our other products in our Ocean Portfolio (Gallery picture), so you can choose what suits you best.

Our goal here is to get you a home, and to help protect that home no matter what happens in the future. Take a look at what we have to offer on our website and fill out the survey to have someone contact you about getting you started, how to pay, how to save money and how to qualify for an amazing list of benefits.


Our versatile and beautiful Villas can accommodate one large Master bedroom or up to four single beds for children.


Flexible design points allows this Villa to be converted to two rooms, capable of including a kitchen and separate living area, or bedrooms.


Gourmet kitchen, dining and/or living, this versatile Villa can be configured to suit your needs and budget.


A private luxury bathroom, additional laundry space or a secure lockable storage shed can be added to this property.


The Pavillion is the focal point of any Pacific Home with open air, high vaulted ceilings – perfect for entertaining family and guests.


From an economical first house to a luxury estate, our packages can help you achieve the home you have been dreaming of.


Only NZD 45,000

PRE-SALE (Regular price $77,000)
The package includes:
2 x Sands Villas (two room conversions)
1 x Standard Kitchen
1 x Standard Bathroom Villa
2 x Outdoor Living Patios

Total of 3 Villas with Fitout (53m² incl. patio)
(included is our FREE Kitchen Appliance package)



Chairman's Guarantee

The Chairman’s Guarantee is a package of wonderful benefits available to RSE workers who subscribe to buy a home package with us. You will be required to subscribe at least 6 months before delivery and pay in advance from your New Zealand earnings.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic refunds of GST (for overseas deliveries)
  • Import Tax Management (management for the paperwork in your home country)
  • Council/building consent included (in most cases standard fees are included)
  • House Guarantee (if you get sick/injured – you still get a house!)
  • Free International Payments to Families (including Digital services to Digicel and Vodafone wallets)
  • Family Support Package (in case of injury, your family gets up to 18 months of food for free).
  • An automatic gift, to help your loved ones if you have a really bad accident.
  • Automatic additional support for your family, if there is a cyclone, or natural disaster.


All these benefits are included and have terms and conditions (PDF download) to avoid misuse or abuse.


Key Characteristics

We have undertaken years of research and development to bring you the absolute best construction materials and systems. We have then designed our homes to meet the needs and requirements of a broad range of Pacific based customers. Our philosophy has been to keep things simple and easy, keep the quality high, and manage costs as efficiently as possible. The result is breathtaking homes at incredible prices – with something for everyone.

Cyclone Rated

All structural and envelope materials used are Cyclone tested and rated.

Warranties and Guaranties

10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and extended material guarantees.

Super Durable

Moisture proof, insect proof and highly impact resistant.

Moisture and Mould Proof

Zero Organic materials are used which are both good for your health and for the longevity of your home.

Environmentally Friendly

More environmentally friendly to produce.

Cost Effective

Great savings by buying direct from the manufacturer.

Insect and Termite Proof

Inert, inedible, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

Fire Retardant

Non-combustible, zero flame and smoke spread.

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Flexible and Customisable for Every Budget

Ranging from one-bedroom Villa suites (Fale/Bures) to large eight-bedroom Villa Estates, our homes give flexibility for each family’s circumstances. The Villas can surround an open plan kitchen, dining room, and indoor/outdoor living area, depending on the designs chosen and available budget.

Home Is Where the Family Is

Our Pacific Family Line of homes is our top selling product. It is best suited as a perfect Summer vacation or seasonal house, or where warmer all-year climates permit true indoor/outdoor living. Suitable even for difficult building locations where our modular building concept allows incredible flexibility. Of course, this style is still beautiful in the snow – but we have yet to receive an order for this design in the mountains!

The Pacific Line Villa in the Hospitality Industry

Fantastic use-cases have seen this approach successfully applied to the Hospitality Industry, with this style of living very suitable for luxurious boutique resorts. This style of building can be seen at some stunning lodges in Africa,  New Zealand’s Huka Lodge and Kauri Cliffs, among others.

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