Step 1 : Final details & Shipping

After agreeing on all the final details, we load and pack all the components of your building system into shipping containers and have them delivered direct to your home country. The delivery costs are not included in the final price and are approximative due to COVID-19.

Estimated cost and timeframe for delivery (in NZD):

New Zealand                          1-6 weeks         Price coming soon
Australia                                 2-8 weeks         Price coming soon
South Pacific                          2-10 weeks       Price coming soon
Other Pacific Islands            3-12 weeks       Price coming soon

Step 2: Receiving your home in your country

From there you have two choices:

1- Assemble the house with some friends and family, with our “Best Practice Assembly Guide” (coming soon!) our  YouTube videos (coming soon!) showing each and every step in detail, or –

2- Hire a local contractor (builder) so they can get started on the install for you. This should take 1-10 days (not months) depending on the complexity of your order. You may additionally want to have local artisans and tradespeople further customise your Villas above and beyond the standard factory finish – just as some people by new cars and then modify them. This is completely optional.

Prior to your Villa’s material packs being delivered, we will arrange for a site visit from out “foundation experts” to assess and install your foundation/piling system. This includes the operation of a tracked drilling machine so some access will be required at your site. Please keep this in mind when choosing where to position your Villa(s). Our team will help plan this with you as part of the Permit Process with your local governing body.

By design, all the hard work is all done for you at the factory, before it arrives. It is as easy as standing up the frames, tightening some bolts and screws, and fixing the cladding and lining sheets, roofing and patio tiles. All materials down to the screws and glue are provided.

For the parts of your Villas that have internal plumbing, heating, and electrical needs, you will also need to ensure that your site is set up for this. Your Villas will need some electrical supplies (or have the convenient and inexpensive solar options, available here), and your bathrooms and kitchens will need water and drainage and electricity supplies.

If you have chosen an included appliance package – or furniture options – these will be delivered alongside your villa(s) – probably in the same containers, wherever possible.

It is our goal, that every step of this process, be easy, efficient, and great value for money. The quality of the products you are buying for us is tier-one, and our designs are truly, designed for the lowest possible total cost of ownership – over one lifetime, or many.